Monday, July 18, 2016

100 year old Blackboards

Yes, it is true -- those of you who will be viewing these photos are not that old


many of you probably remember going to school with blackboards.

And those of you who didn't will also find this interesting.

Why? Because, these pictures will truly amaze -- not only in that they have been found --

but you will also notice that the pictures and topics are very different from today. 

Notice the topics (history, cursive writing, etc) that were covered 100 years ago compared with what is not covered today. Hmmmm.  Interesting.

Now with that by way of introduction, we are providing several links today.  Some with video, some with pictures, some with even more pictures.

Prepare to walk back in time and view History come alive

HERE'S THE LINK to Blackboards from 100 years ago

And HERE IS ANOTHER LINK with pictures and a video which follows a short commercial

And HERE'S A VIDEO without a commercial

And Last but not least HERE'S A LINK to Many pictures without the video -- don't miss this one