Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Battle of Blue Licks

Pictured here is the monument at the Blue Licks Battlefield State Park in Kentucky.

Why is this important?  

Because one of, if not the, last battles of the Revolutionary war took place in Kentucky (though it was really Virginia at the time) at the Battle of Blue Licks.

Alas, This battle happened a year after the war was over !!!

What !

Yes, sadly word of victory had not reached the mountains and forests of Virginia (now Kentucky) so the Patriots (Militiamen) were still battling the British, Canadian loyalists, and Indians thinking that they still needed to fight to gain independence from England.

Since communication in those days was very limited and spotty at best, word had not made it to the 'west' (i.e. Virginia / Kentucky) that the war was over and the Patriots had won.

Sadly, therefore, many died needlessly because of this lack of communication.

Those who died included a relative of several DIT'ers and a relative of Daniel Boone. Daniel Boone also participated in this battle but survived.

To learn more about the Battle of Blue Licks HERE'S THE LINK