Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mandala Coloring Books

Recently, as a gift, I received two Coloring books complete with wonderful pre-sharpened wooden coloring pencils and a collection of Pencil Sharpeners.

So, are you a child? you ask.

No, not a child - a serious big time old person

But as you have probably noticed -- Adult Coloring Books are 'in'.

You see them advertised on TV and on the shelves of many stores.

They are a fad and folks are snapping them up and happily coloring the various pictures.

But, guess what


Not all of these coloring Books are 'safe'!

Safe?  what do you mean?

Well, this brief article will explain.

HERE'S THE LINK to adult coloring books and mandalas

Fortunately the coloring books I received were not the Mandala kind and I love them.

By the way, the picture above for today's DIT is a Mandala. it is a 17th century painting titled the "Tibetan 'Five Deity Mandala" and was posted on Wikipedia accompanying an article about Mandalas.