Saturday, March 5, 2016

How to use a SAM Splint

Several DITers are very active sports types.

They snow ski, scuba dive, play soccer and baseball, participate in Marathons and other races, and etc etc etc.

So far they have escaped most of these adventures relatively 'unharmed' but it is always good to know what to do just in case.

So today, let's learn how to use a SAM Splint to immobilize fractures and soft tissue injuries

What is a SAM splint? 

SAM is the acronym for Structural Aluminum Malleable

And this video will show you how to put one on.

Here's hoping you never need to do this but just in case
HERE'S THE LINK to How to use a SAM Splint

For more interesting and helpful information about the SAM splint, how and when it was invented, etc. HERE'S THE LINK