Saturday, March 19, 2016

Elvis Buys Graceland on this day in 1957

Graceland was the home of Elvis Presley (pictured here from Wikipedia via Flickr, as photographed by Joseph Novak in March 2011)

Elvis?  Graceland?

Most folks (well, the older ones today) are very familiar with Elvis Presley and many were his fans.

Indeed, he was the 'cat's meow' 'back in the day'.

Elvis purchased Graceland, his home in Memphis, TN,  on this day, March 19, in 1957. 

According to a calendar given to us by 2 friends of DIT, Elvis put $1,000 down to purchase it (the total purchase price was $102,500).

To learn more about and see many pictures of Graceland, HERE'S THE LINK

In addition to his 'Rock and Roll' music, he also loved to sing Hymns. 

HERE IS THE LINK to Amazing Grace, one of the many hymns which Elvis sang.