Monday, March 21, 2016

Eternal Flames

Recently a friend of DIT found a link to a site that told of 10 Eternal Flames.

However, alas and alack, that site wouldn't load well on our computer -- it was apparently too busy and filled up the RAM.

So, searching around on the internet, we found another site that says it pictures 7 Eternal flames and included some of those in the list of the 10.

BUT, if you count as you watch the video, only 6 locations are depicted.

Hmmmm.  Oh, well --  10, 7, 6  -- whatever.  At least this is interesting.

The brief 1 minute 4 second video shows those 6 (instead of 7) Locations. 

HERE'S THE LINK to 7 Eternal Flames in Nature You've Never Heard of

But, an even better video (of 2 minutes 39 seconds) shows 11 Eternal Flames.

HERE'S THE LINK to Some Places have been on fire for 6000 years