Thursday, December 4, 2014

The F-35B

Our DIT friend who finds interesting and amazing airplane videos has struck again.

What is it this time, you ask?

Well, seems there is a most unusual airplane or is it a helicopter or ???

Anyway, this unusual 'flying thing' which takes off like an airplane and lands like a helicopter is the F-35 B.

The commentary that was sent with the email containing the link said:

"This video link was made for the public in the Atlantic Ocean, just off  Newport News  (Hampton Roads), Virginia.

These are sea trials of the F-35B on the USS Wasp. They were very successful, with 74 VL's and STO's in a three week period.

The media and the program critics had predicted that they would burn holes in the deck and wash sailors overboard.

Neither of which happened. 

You will notice a sailor standing on the bow of the ship as the jet rotates.

That was an intentional part of the sea trials."

So, with that by way of introduction, you will definitely want to view this 3 minute video of a most unusual airplane taking off and landing on the Navy Aircraft Carrier, the USS Wasp..