Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pyramid of the Ancients

Recently we read a novel by Keith Robinson titled Pyramid of the Ancients.

And, wow, what a book.

Though a novel, it is based on many factual and historical events.

It is apparently book two of a series

and, although we had not read book 1, we found that this really didn't matter as it reads well on its own.

What is the book about? you ask.

Well, on the back cover the summary begins with these words:

"Buried deep beneath the sands of Iraq, a team of archeologists led by Jeffrey Evans uncovers an ancient chamber filled with mystery. 

In addition to the strange corpses and leather-bound tomes, the team discovers that the chamber also houses a nearly complete, two-story pyramid. 

Following the instructions contained in the tomes, a team of scientists and specialists complete the mysterious structure, which they believe to be a kind of space craft. 

However, when they are forced to activate the pyramid due to a surprise attack from an unknown adversary, Jeffrey, his wife Rebecca and the rest of his team are launched into a journey that threatens their lives, their relationships and their beliefs. … … ..."

Our copy was given to us as a gift --

But we checked the web and find that you can purchase it at Amazon -- and at Survivor Mall.

And no, we have no financial interest in this book -- we just enjoyed reading it and wanted to share its availability with you.

So with that by way of introduction