Friday, December 12, 2014

Tanker car implosion

Recently we chatted with a friend who is graduating from Georgia Tech with a Master's degree.

He had seen the DIT about the Bowling Ball and Feathers dropping simultaneously when in a vacuum -- (the DIT of Monday Dec 8 / 14)

and commented that the wall of the chamber in which the experiment had occurred was very strong (concrete walls, etc). Otherwise there would have been an implosion.

He then told us about a 'cool' implosion of a tanker car and led us to the link we are providing today.

It seems that when the air inside the tanker car (or anything) is producing less pressure on the walls than the air on the outside, an implosion (collapse) occurs.

The tanker car which you will see implode had its vacuum safety valves deliberately disabled so that there was less air inside the tanker car than the atmospheric air pressing on it from the outside.

When that happens, this is what you get :