Monday, December 1, 2014

Don't get any X-Rays this week !!!


Because most Radiologists are not at their Hospitals and Clinics.

What are they doing?  Where are they?

They are attending the premier RSNA Meeting.

Each year a zillion (well 8,000 or so) Radiologists from the United States and around the world attend the week long RSNA meeting.

What is RSNA?

RSNA is 'short' for Radiological Society of North America.

It is the premier meeting for Radiologists not only in North America but around the entire globe.

It meets annually for a week at this time of the year, usually in Chicago.

Why are we mentioning this now? you ask.

Well, in addition to this being the most important and cutting edge assembly for Radiologists, Radiological Physicists, and other related Health Professionals, 

RSNA also has developed a website that will likely be of interest to you, your family, or your friends.


Yes. RSNA has a website with information for patients about studies they might be getting.

So, if you have had or have been told to have such studies as MRI, CT, PET scans, IVPs, Barium Enemas, etc. etc. etc. and are wondering what the exam entails, this website will provide much needed information.