Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis


Today's DIT is so important that we are leaving it up for two days to give everyone a chance to see it.

What is it that is sooooo important? you ask.

Well, there is a new Video Series produced by ICR (Institute for Creation Research) -- and

Recently a friend of DIT allowed us to view the series which he had purchased to show to his Sunday School Class.

It consists of 12 DVD videos, each 22 minutes in length, which makes these perfect for settings such as Bible Study Groups, Sunday School Lessons, Homeschooling lessons, School Science classes, as part of a Church Worship Service, etc.

We highly recommend this series !!

So, what is so great about this series? 

Glad you asked.

This quote from the front cover of the set sums it up in a nutshell:

"Strong in science. Strong in faith. This groundbreaking series presents the science of creation like you've never seen it"

And, wow, that is so true.

in addition to the superbly produced 12 DVDs, the set includes a 112 page viewer guide.

            The Topics covered in the 12 DVDs are:
1. Chaos or Cosmos?
2. What is Life?
3. What is Man?
4. Buried Clues
5. Flood or Fiction?
6. How old is the earth?
7. Dinosaurs
8. The Ice Age
9. Rise of Civilization
10. Origin of the Universe
11. Uniqueness of Earth
12. Science and Scripture.

          In these 12 DVDs, evidence is presented 

"that confirms the Biblical account of creation and offers defensible answers to some of the most provocative and controversial question of faith and science.  How did life begin?  Where did humans come from? Was Noah's Flood real? How old is the earth?"

For more information including video clips of the series (be sure to watch these)

And for information re how you can purchase this series and a 'must watch' 2 minute introductory video, HERE'S THE LINK