Thursday, November 20, 2014

Can you imagine a Boeing 767 as a glider?

Probably not 


The Boeing 767 is a 'state of the art' airplane that is not intended to glide like a glider.

But in one instance Air Canada Flight 143, now nicknamed the Gimil Glider, became a glider.


Well sometimes 'state of the art' has its drawbacks in that that when the engines go out -- almost everything else goes out -- especially in the Boeing 767-233.

It seems that in that aircraft the engines provide the power needed for most of the instruments …


well, you guessed it.

A series of 'happenings' occurred that aren't on the checklist of 'what to do when …" 

So, you ask:  "What happened?"

Good question.

A friend of DIT, who has a daughter and a son who are both commercial airline pilots (so she is attuned to such things), found this article and told us about it. 

N.B. neither the daughter nor the son was one of the pilots in this situation.


You will be amazed.