Friday, January 24, 2014

How would you like to live on Mars?

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the planet mars.

It began with thoughts about taking a trip to view mars as a vacation experience.

Movies, books, and TV programs have promoted such things.

But, recently an even more adventurous proposition has been suggested.

It seems that there are many folks who actually want to move to Mars and live there permanently.

No kidding.

A serious group is proposing this, raising funds for the project, and taking applications.

And, believe it or not, they already have thousands of people who have applied for this knowing full well that this will be, at least for them, a one way trip.

In other words, they will go to mars and set up places to live and work

but with the current technology of today, they know they will not be able to return.


People really want to do this !!!! ??? !!!

Seemingly so.

But what is Mars really like? 

Is this really a good place to which to pack up and move?

A recent article in the November 2013 Acts and Facts Magazine, written by a PhD Astrophysicist, sheds important light on the subject of Mars and what it is like.

After you read it you might not want to join the crowd wanting to move to Mars.

HERE'S THE LINK to "The Solar System: Mars"