Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Lost Path to the Roman Road

A few days ago we read about the Genesis Roman Road.

The link to which we will be going today expands upon the information in that earlier post. 

We will be going to the website,

If this is your first time to visit that site, it will notice that and will begin with a very short video telling you about the site and the materials it has available for free.

Be sure to watch the brief video as you may want to avail yourself of some of their information.

When the video ends, you will be sent to the page with "The lost path to the Roman Road" article.   You will have to scroll down a tad on the page to find it.

So, scroll away and start reading.  

You will find this verrrrrrry interesting and it will answer many questions that you may have had or which folks have asked you to answer and explain.