Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Beauty of Mathematics

Today's DIT has been sent to us on two separate occasions.

In 2009 it was sent by a friend, who is an math expert and loves numbers. 

The version she sent was in printed text form.

Then, just a few days ago, another friend sent the same concept but this time it is in a 3 minutes 2 seconds video.

I don’t know who wrote (well, perhaps the term ‘calculated’ is a better word) these amazing math things. Perhaps this is something that ‘math folks’ do all the time. But it sure was new to us.

We have mentioned over and over again that the intricacy and details of cells, animals, plants, stars, planets, etc. point to a Creator God rather than just happenstance occurrences.

In the same way, these mathematical calculations could not have happened by chance. 

Talk about a Master Designer! Wow!

So what is it that is so amazing and awesome, you ask? 

Well, see for yourself. Surely you will also be amazed at the beauty of Math.

And if you want the 2009 print out version to share with your friends, Sunday School, Math and Science classes, and even perfect strangers --