Tuesday, September 3, 2013

God's Creation Pictures

Do you know about Pinterest?

What is it?

Well, according to the definition on the site, it is an "online pinboard" where folks "organize and share the things (they) love".

Today is a perfect example of this Pinboard in action.


Because some Pinterest member has posted a bunch of beautiful pictures of various things God has created.

Kudos and thanks to whomever it was who assembled these pictures

Anyone who thinks these creatures, flowers, trees, mushrooms, insects, etc etc etc REALLY just happened by chance --

should take a close look at the things pictured on the Pinboard.

The colors, intricate details, beauty, precision, etc etc etc should give pause to anyone who does not believe these things were created but 'just happened by chance'.

Check these out and see what you think -- design? or accident?