Monday, April 22, 2013

What caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs?

Most folks today have been repeatedly told that the Dinosaurs were killed as a result of a meteorite impacting the earth millions of years ago

Others teach that they died as a result of Volcanoes.

Others propose additional theories; indeed, believe it or not, as of 1963 more than 46 theories have been suggested.  WOW

The article to which we are linking today was in The Technical Journal, is peer reviewed, and has 295 footnotes. Don't panic, you don't have to read the footnotes.  : )

It will tell you more than you ever imagined or even thought possible.

And, lest you grow weary reading it and think about quitting, don't quit before you scroll to the end where there is a good summary of the article.

Anyway, this an easy to read article which addresses the pros and cons of various theories.

Bottom Line:  if you really want to know why the Dinosaurs died out and how, this is a must read.  HERE'S THE LINK