Friday, September 14, 2012

Smart Phone or ...

Unless you live on Mars, you are aware that the latest Apple iPhone has finally been revealed.

It is the iPhone 5 and is reported to be an amazing SMART PHONE.

One report says that it is soooooo smart that, among other things, it will know when you enter the airport and will automatically pull up your ticket, show it on its screen,  and check you in !!!


Now, that is definitely a "Smart Phone".

But, not everyone has a Smart Phone such as an iPhone or one of the many other Smart Phones known as 'Droids' and etc.

Many folks don't need or want all the Smart Phone features and Aps and are happy with their more utilitarian phones.

Their Ordinary Phones, however, do make phone calls (imagine that) and most  even take pictures and can do text messaging.

So what can / should those Ordinary Phones' be called?

Well, a nephew recently came up with the answer.

He does not have a smart phone.

Instead, he has a nice small lightweight 'ordinary phone' that makes phone calls, takes pictures, and does limited texting but no Aps.

So what does he call it ???

He calls it a CLEVER PHONE !!!