Monday, September 24, 2012

Hobby Lobby Stores

If you are 'into' making home decorations and other hobby and fun things such as scrap booking, craft making items, and more, you are surely aware of the Hobby Lobby Stores.

But, it is possible that you do not know the 'story' about how these stores came to be or the details about how the profits are spent.

A friend on the other side of the world, literally, found this article and sent it to us.

I think you will find this fascinating, informative, and inspirational.

This is definitely a 'must read' article.

You will have to click away the ad of the day or whatever posted by Forbes Magazine to get to the article, but do so.

Also, there are 3 short pages in the article so be sure to read all 3.  

So, with that said,  HERE'S THE LINK