Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Moon and Football

Well, these are not really related but both 'events' can be observed today.

What do we mean? you ask.

Well, concerning the Blue Moon, the Month of September will have 2 full moons, one of which will be on Sept. 1 (today) and the second will be on Sept. 30.

And, no, the moon is not literally blue in color (unless where you are viewing a lot of dust particles or smoke particles are in the atmosphere) but when 2 full moons occur in one month, that is the definition of a "Blue Moon".

According to Wikipedia, the September 1, and September 30 blue moons in 2012 will only be seen in time zones east of UTC + 10:30.  So, you might not see it in your location. 

But it is interesting to know that this event is occurring.

Now for the second 'big thing' today, Sept. 1, and probably the one that is more interesting to most folks, is that today College Football Season kicks off (pun intended.)

A few teams have already begun their season, some played on Thursday and Friday of this week, but for most of the College teams, the excitement begins today.

So, in honor of these two momentous events, there will be no 'click through' to anything today since you have 'things to do' (games to watch? the moon to try to see? etc)

So, Happy Blue Moon Day and Happy Football season.