Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cells in Dinosaur Fossils

Seems we have been talking about Dinosaurs a lot this week.

And rightly so as they are very interesting creatures.

Of course, if you believe what movies, text books, TV programs, secular museums and secular schools tell you about Dinosaurs, you would think they died millions of years ago.

Millions of years.  Hmmm. That is a very long time.

So fossils that are millions of years old should not have any tissues that degrade in hundreds or thousands of years.

But, guess what.


Many fossils have been found that do have tissues that should be long gone if they really were millions of years old.

What kind of tissues? you ask.

Well, such things as feathers, hair, soft tissues, blood vessels, and blood cells.

Hmmmmm.  How can that be?  Tell me more.

Ok.  First, check out this short 1 minute 40 second video. HERE'S THE LINK.

Then to read a short article that explains the ramifications of finding blood cells and soft tissues in fossils thought to be millions of years old, HERE'S THE LINK