Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado in Joplin Missouri

For various reasons perhaps you were unable to be 'glued' to the TV on Sunday evening and on Monday to see the images of the horrendous Tornado in Joplin Missouri.

The tornado outbreak happened Sunday evening May 21, 2011.

It was devastating and involved not only Joplin, Missouri, but Minneapolis, Minnesota, and many other towns and locations over a wide swath of the nation.

One minute folks were happy, well, and going about their normal lives.

Minutes later over a hundred were dead, many were wounded, and many were missing.

Their homes, cars, businesses -- were splintered, smashed, G O N E !

If you have not seen some of the images, you should.

As you view these images ask yourself, "If a tornado hit my house 1 minute from now, and I died, will I go to Heaven or Hell?"

Now, with that warning to be spiritually prepared for an unexpected event such as this, to view the images, HERE'S THE LINK