Monday, May 9, 2011

Escape from Hell

Awhile back, we had several DIT links to experiences of those who had gone to heaven and came back to tell us about it.

But, have any gone to hell and returned?

Well, there is a book that tells of such an experience.

Titled "23 Minutes in Hell", Bill Wiese, who had been a Christian for 28 years, tells of his his experience.

BUT, lest you get the idea that you can go to hell and escape, you need to know that Wiese's experience was apparently given to him so he could share the experience as a warning to to the Lost / Unsaved.

Hell, he reports is real!

It is beyond awful!

You do NOT want to go there, even for 23 minutes.

And if you do die and go there, there is NO escape.

This is why he wrote the book -- to warn everyone so they will NOT go to Hell.

How can one NOT go to hell? you ask.

Well, If you accept Jesus' gift of salvation: ie. you have confessed and renounced your sins and have accepted the Lord God Jesus Christ as your savior, redeemer, and Lord  -- then you will escape hell.

That is the ONLY way to escape Hell.

Warning: There are only 2 options at death.  Heaven or Hell.  That is all.

There is NO reincarnation, no 'nothingness', NO second chance, NO 'do over', NO 'I am better than my neighbor', NO ' fill in the blank', ---

NO other options!

It is either heaven or hell that one will experience at death.

To read more about his experience and about a second book that he has written on the subject of Hell ("23 Questions about Hell"), HERE'S THE LINK