Monday, November 29, 2010

Warning -- 2011 NIV not recommended!

The NIV (New International Version) of the Bible was first released in 1984 and has had widespread acceptance with few complaints by the readers and Evangelical groups and Scholars.  Indeed, many Churches have used it as the Pew Bible.

But several years ago the 1984 version was ‘updated’ and called TNIV (The New International Version). However that ‘update’ was soundly rejected by most Evangelical groups.

So the translators ‘updated’ again with the 2011 Version. This ‘update’ is also being rejected by Evangelical Groups and Scholars.

So what was this ‘updating’ that has caused so much consternation?

Well, most of the updates deal with ‘gender neutrality’ issues among other things. (See link at end of this post for details).

And, saddest of all, the original (1984) translation of the NIV, (known simply as NIV ) is being phased out and soon will no longer be published even though it was widely accepted and had few detractors.

This means that the version most folks liked (the 1984 NIV) and the 2 versions that are disliked (TNIV and the 2011 NIV) will ALL three soon be ‘no more’.

For more details and to read about the ‘issues’ involved, HERE’S THE LINK.