Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving !

In America, today is Thanksgiving Day.

The classic Rockwell painting (pictured here) correctly illustrates this day that Americans celebrate annually.

This is the day that folks travel to grandmother’s house or some similar place to gather with family and friends and observe one of the most favorite and special times of the year, Thanksgiving.

Some will have large gatherings and bountiful meals, others smaller groups and not so much.

But all who truly understand this special Holiday will give thanks on this day to God for our many blessings.

History books when I was a child (long long ago when Dinosaurs roamed the earth) told the correct history of Thanksgiving.

But, alas, since those days there have been many revisions and deletions concerning its origin and true meaning.

So what is the true history? you ask.

Well, whenever you want the accurate and trustworthy history of the early days of America, including the origins of Thanksgiving, it is best to turn to David Barton’s Wall Builders site.

You reallllly need to read this and you might even want to read or summarize it at your Thanksgiving gathering. HERE’S THE LINK.