Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moishe Rosen dies at 78

You surely have heard of the Ministry, Jews for Jesus.  It was founded by Moishe Rosen in 1973. 

Many Jews and Gentiles have come to know the Lord God Jesus Christ through this ministry. And many others, including me, have been encouraged and grown in their faith though his writings, lectures, and teachings.

He retired a few years ago but continued to be active in the Ministry even though it later became widely know that he has been fighting cancer for many months.  

To read the article in the New York Times telling of his home going, which is how I first learned of his death HERE’S THE LINK

And to read more about his life and his last words, HERE’S THE LINK.

The Moishe Rosen Tribute website is HERE.

He will be sorely missed here on earth but there is great rejoicing in Heaven as this servant of the Lord, upon his arrival, surely heard the words from Jesus, “Welcome home and well done thou good and faithful servant !”