Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Earthquakes, floods, oil spills, and now more Tornados

You might not have heard about the extensive damage, injuries, and deaths if you were not watching the Weather Channel on Monday  evening, May 9.

I had just finished supper and thought I would quickly check to see if anything important was happening in the world before turning off the TV.

The MSM was reporting about mostly unimportant and / or shallow and insipid things but nary a mention (that I heard) of an outbreak of severe Tornados! 

So, I had no idea that anything unusual weather wise was happening. 

But, since it had been cloudy and rainy here today, I thought I would check about  tomorrow’s predicted weather.

And, WOW, to my surprise, the Weather Channel was on scene in Oklahoma giving first hand, detailed information about a huge outbreak of tornados that was still ongoing!

I watched for hours in stunned amazement at the pictures of destruction while intermittently checking the other networks and channels to see what they were reporting about this.

But they said nothing!  I guess they didn’t know? or care?

But the MSM didn’t say much about the terrible floods in Nashville a few days ago either.  I only found out about them via a phone call from a relative and then, once again, only found coverage of any merit on the Weather Channel.

So, since you might not have heard about this outbreak of severe, destructive, and deadly tornados, I found an article that gives some details and has a few pictures, though not nearly as informative as the Weather Channel reported.  HERE’S THE LINK