Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Acts And Facts Magazine

Yesterday we linked to a wonderful article which gave the ‘Young Earth World view glasses’ answer to the Old Earther’s interpretation of the earth and rock layers.

We mentioned at the time that the article came from an Acts and Facts magazine published by ICR (Institute for Creation Research).

You might have noticed, as you read the article, that there was a link on the side where you could learn more about the magazine.

Hopefully you clicked on the link and subscribed.

But, if you didn’t, today we are giving you the link to the link so that you can read this magazine monthly.  It is FREE (I like that price) and has many articles that will be of great help and interest to you.

Also they will include a Days of Praise magazine.  You will love this as it is a ‘daily devotional’ booklet which is sent Quarterly. 

Both of these are ‘must haves’. We, at Bible Studies Net, get them and highly recommend them to you.  So, without further ado,  HERE’S THE LINK TO THE LINK.