Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flooding in Nashville

As you surely know, serious rain and flooding events took place in the South recently including verrrrrry serious rainfall and flooding in Nashville, Tenn.

As a result, many businesses, schools, homes, roads, etc. were flooded and damaged and even more tragically several lost their lives.

That was definitely NOT funny.

But a group of us had a funny experience this evening which was related to that flooding.

Seems that several of us had gone to a restaurant for dinner.  Due to the large crowd the seating of adjacent tables was very close and it was difficult to NOT overhear conversations nearby.

As our group was quietly discussing the flooding in Nashville, a man at the next table entered into the conversation and began to relate what a friend, who works at the Opryland Hotel, had just told him via cell phone (many many cars under water in the parking lot, water up to about 8 feet or more in the hotel, tourists had been evacuated on buses, etc.)

Then a man at the table behind us entered into the conversation!

And then folks at the table next to him joined in!

None of us knew each other, nor were we in nor did we live in the Nashville area,  but all of us, at 4 different tables, became very engrossed in the conversation about the crisis in Nashville. 

It was a most unusual time.  I have never before experienced such a spontaneous group conversation among total strangers.

Yes, the flooding was severe.  And, yes, there are likely many articles we could link you to today to picture this. 

But, since the dinner topic was mostly about the Opryland Hotel, I thought you would find this article about the Grand Old Opry House (also a well known Nashville Landmark and now part of the Opryland Hotel complex, interesting.   HERE’S THE LINK.