Saturday, September 5, 2009

Robot Chefs !

Well, this is another “Now, I’ve heard everything” thing.

And this time the ‘unusual’ is happening in, of all places, China !
Yes, In China.

Seems that there is a restaurant in Nanning, China which prepares dishes created by two robot chefs.

“The restaurant, appropriately named "I Robot," has hundreds of recipes stored in computers that control the robots' movements. "Our robot chefs are more efficient and hygienic. And they don't complain," boasted the restaurant's manager.”

One would think that with allllll the people in China, they would not have to resort to Robots. But then, you don’t have to pay workman’s comp, Social Security Taxes, etc. for a robot. Hmmm. Do they have those taxes in China? Probably not. So, why are they doing this? Who knows. Maybe for the novelty of it all.

While looking into this, I discovered that the restaurant in China is not the only place that is ‘employing’ (is that the correct word? Probably not.) Robot Chefs. There are several other restaurants using them in Japan and other places.

I sure wish I had a Robot Chef!

Anyway, this certainly is an interesting concept. HERE’S THE LINK