Friday, September 11, 2009

Racing Car powered by Chocolate !!!

Oh, Wow! Now this will get the attention of you ‘chocolate-o-holics’ out there.

On Oct 17, 2009 this racing (Formula 3) car will make its debut race using “biodiesel fuel made from a mixture of chocolate waste” (what? there is any wasted chocolate in the world? Surely not.) “and alcohol made from leftover wine.”

Hmmm. Can you imagine the smell the exhaust will produce?

And, will the drivers trailing this car get woozy from the exhaust? Hmmm.

Another interesting thing about this car is that the “steering wheel is made from ‘carrot fibre’ ... extracted from the residue from a carrot soup factory.”

I kid you not. So to read about this and to discover even more interesting things about this car, HERE’S THE LINK.