Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Is Genesis History

Being shut in for all these past days and with no 'get out' card yet in view

today's Click through is an answer for "what to do?"

The link today is to clips from the full length movie that was in theaters 2 or 3 years ago --

I went to a theatre and paid to see it -- and even bought the video because it was so good.

What is it? you ask.  Well --

"This film is the first step on a journey toward understanding the history of the Earth according to Genesis. Follow Del Tackett as he travels across the continent with over a dozen scientists and scholars to see fascinating new evidence for creation and a global flood."
Actually it is in clips instead of just running on and on for its 1 hr 44 minute total length.

The clips are small but complete segments from the film so you can watch a clip and discuss it with your family, kids, friends, whatever -- and then go on to another clip.

And after you have seen the zillion clips -- there are even more videos of varying length available as you scroll down the page.

So since you are 'locked in' and need something to 'do', take this time to find out about such things as

What is the History revealed in Genesis,  Was there a earthwide flood, and much much more. 

HERE'S THE LINK TO Is Genesis History