Thursday, April 23, 2020

Ark Encounter in Kentucky USA

If the lockdown because of Coronovirus should ever end

and you are ready to take the family on a vacation --

The Ark (Life Size Replica of Noah's Ark of the Bible) would be a great place to go.

And Children under 10 get in for free!  Wow. 

We need that after all these weeks of being cooped up and with no income coming in.

Today's Click through is a new commercial starring the Giraffe family (Father George, Mother Gloria, and their children Gracie  and Junior.)

It also provides a link to more information about The Ark, it's location, hotels nearby, and more.

You will definitely want to visit the ark as soon as possible when your and Kentucky's lockdowns end.

HERE'S THE LINK TO want to go to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky.