Friday, September 19, 2014

This is the Bible Belt ???

You have probably heard it said that in many of the Southern States in the US that so many folks go to Church and are Christians -- that the region is referred to as the "Bible Belt".

But, perhaps that term is not so correct anymore.


Well, recently while reading the Georgia Baptist State Weekly Newspaper, The Christian Index, we came across an article with these astounding and dismaying numbers:

                  Numbers to Consider
Population of Georgia                9,773,755
Estimated Unchurched              5,864,253
Estimated lost (70%)                 6,841,629

              Lostness by generation
Generation             Birth Year         Percent of Lostness

Builders                 1910-1945                 35%
Boomers                1946-1964                 65%
GenX                     1965-1979                 85%
Millennials              1980-2000                 96%


This does not sound like a Bible Belt!   

And if this is how it is in the "Bible Belt" I shudder to think what the numbers are in other parts of the US where it is a known fact that people ignore, shun, and make fun of God and the Bible!

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Instead we urge you to spend time pondering these numbers and praying about them.