Thursday, September 11, 2014

Did Jesus Refute the Gap Theory

You have likely heard of the Gap Theory.

It is the idea that there is a gap between verses 1 and 2 of Chapter 1 in the Book of Genesis.

During that supposed 'gap' millions or billions of years occurred --

and during the gap of innumerable years the earth which was created in verse 1 was destroyed -- then at the end of the gap -- in verse 2 everything started over again but built on the remains of the old earth from verse one.

This is how the 'gap theorists' explain the bones of innumerable dead animals, rock layers that supposedly took millions of years to develop, and etc.

In other words, the 'gap theory' is one way that some 'religious people' try to compromise with what the Bible says about creation and a young earth with what many scientists theorize about evolution and an old earth.

But, is the Gap Theory correct?

Or, did Jesus Himself, the one who Created everything, refute The Gap Theory.

This 2 minute video provides insight re the reliability (or lack thereof) of the Gap Theory. (Note: it may take a few seconds to load so be patient).