Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Telltale Talent

Awhile back (on Saturday Sept 20 / 14) we linked to an online movie made by a small Church in Rentz, Georgia, a town of about 290 folks.
This is another movie made by that same Church
Actually it was the first one they made so you will notice that it has a flaw, which was corrected in the film we saw on Sept 20.
What is the flaw?  
Well, there is a synching problem with the words. 
But do NOT let that bother you.
The message of this 20 minute film is reallllly good.
It should speak to every Christian because every Christian has one or more God Given talents. 
And they are given to be used, not buried.
But, oops, I am about to give away the plot.
So, go to the link and scroll down the page till you come to the film, click on the arrow to start the film, and, when it starts, click on the arrows on the bottom right to make the film full screen.
Ignore the voice synch problem and enjoy the film.