Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Birds of Paradise

Pictured here is the 'Wilson's Bird of Paradise'. It was taken by Doug Janson and posted on Wikipedia.

This is just one of many of these beautiful, ornate, and extremely rare Birds.

An Ornithologist and his photographer traveled into the wilderness of New Guinea to photograph them in detail.

Not unexpectedly, however, they are amazed at their beauty but

as seen through their 'eyes' of 'old earthers'  (Evolutionists) they think these beautiful birds just happened by chance.

'Old earther's' can NOT explain them or how and why they came to be so awesomely beautiful other than 'it just happened".

They call it "the miracle of evolution."

But, if you believe in the Creator God, the explanation is simple and easy --

God Created them this way.

As you view this video, ask yourself -- Did these birds just 'happen by chance of evolution' ?

Or were they designed and created by the Creator God.

HERE'S THE LINK to 'Birds of Paradise'