Friday, February 7, 2014

1981 news

1981 was really not all that long ago -- only 33 years.

And for the 'old timers' who come to this site, it is almost like yesterday.

Most whippersnappers have no concept of how things were in that 'era'.

They live in a world now that is far far different.

Today's DIT should bring back memories for the older foks who lived in those 'I recollect' days 

and open the eys of the whippersnappers who probably think the things we have now -- technology wise-- have always been as they are now.

Indeed the things that have transpired in those 33 years are astounding.

Back in 1981 we were in the early stages of the the tech advances which have snowballed to where we are now --

Snowballed so much that the wonderful innovation reported in this DIT is almost laughable even though it was 'cutting edge' technology at the time.

What was this 'cutting edge' technology?  you ask

Can you believe this?

It was Newspapers by telephone!!!

My how times have changed

HERE'S THE LINK to news report from 1981 about the internet