Friday, November 2, 2012

Is your God too small?

Yesterday we DIT-ers looked at stunning new pictures of the Milky Way --

Pictures which showed at least 84 Million stars -- whereas previously scientists had thought there were only about 8.4 million.

But with bigger and more powerful telescopes and image capturing devices, scientists (and we) are able to see deeper and deeper into space and with greater resolution.

And our Milky way, with its 84 Million or more stars is, as you know, only ONE of innumerable galaxies.  

Yes, innumerable.

The number of galaxies that man can identify in the universe is also constantly increasing due to better and better imaging technology.

As we mentioned yesterday, the old earth evolutionary worldview says that all of this beauty and complexity began when a tiny speck of nothing exploded and, voila, this is what we now have.

The Bible, however, says that all of this complexity was Created by God on Day 4 of Creation week.

Both views can not be correct.

Many believe in the 'big bang' theory because they either do not believe in a God at all


if they do believe in God, they just can't fathom that He is powerful enough to do all of this.

So it seems that many believe the God they worship, refuse to worship, or even acknowledge that He exists -- is too small to create all these stars and galaxies.

For those who believe in a 'too small' God, there is a book which might change your understanding and perspective of the real Creator God.

We have mentioned this book before on DIT.  

But, in light (pun intended) of the 84 Million stars in our own Milky Way Galaxy, perhaps you will want to again consider this book.   

To find out more about it, what it contains, and where you can purchase it, HERE'S THE LINK