Thursday, February 9, 2012

Temple at the Center of Time Video

Yesterday we referenced the book by David Flynn, Temple at the Center of Time.

And we linked you to a summary of the book.

But, we also alluded to the fact that the summary did not do an in depth evaluation of what we considered to be one of the most fascinating insights that this book provided.

Those insights linked significant historical dates with statute and nautical miles.


Yes, David Flynn, using GPS and Satellite data, built upon concepts first proposed by Isaac Newton in his book, Principia Mathematica, shown here in the photo from Wikipedia by Andrew Dunn.

Flynn, using today's technology was able to build upon Newton's thoughts.

In so doing, Flynn discovered some very fascinating insights.

The link today is to a 'must watch' 10 minute 57 second video which will explain in fascinating detail what Flynn found.

This, to me, was the most important part of the book.