Saturday, February 11, 2012

He who tooteth not his own horn …

Say what?

Well, the entire phrase is:

"He who tooteth not his own horn finds that his horn is not tooted"

This is a quote that I often heard a young child (back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth).

And there is some truth to that saying.

So, we are 'tooting our own horn' today in that the DIT for today is a reminder that on our other website we have a collection of Bible studies that you might want to peruse.

They are, of course, considerably longer and totally different than these DITs but they are, (tooting our own horn), something you might want to check out if you haven't already.

They are designed for individual or group use and you will find the answers to the questions embedded within the study itself so you will get 'instant feedback' as you work through the lessons.

Yes, they are copyrighted but they are FREE (don't you love 'free').

We just ask that if you do these with a group that you not charge the folks for the studies (except, of course, if you photocopy them you could ask them to reimburse you for that expense if you can't afford it yourself.) 

We also ask that you not change them but keep them intact.

Other than that they are FREE for you to use either personally or in a group Bible Study or whatever.

So, yes, we have just shamelessly  : )   'tooted our own horn'.  

But we wanted you to know that the studies are out there for you to use and share with others.

So with that said, we hope you will go to our other website which has both in depth Bible Studies and many short "Answers Now" to numerous questions folks have asked or about which you were / are wondering.