Saturday, June 25, 2011

Young earth creationist ? Or -

You have probably heard folks describe themselves as a "Young Earth Creationist"  and to other folks with a similar world view, this is readily understood.

But, apparently using this term to some (read 'evolutionists') is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.

What do I mean? you ask.

Well, according to a recent article on the Answers In Genesis website, using the  term, "Young Earth Creationist" is --

"To evolutionists, a person claiming this title is akin to saying, “I’m an anti-science mystic.” To Christians who have compromised with naturalistic presuppositions, young-earth creation implies just one more opinion on the earth’s beginning."

Additionally, AIG suggests that there is a better term that should be used which will not wave the red flag.

That 'better' term, they suggest, is "I'm a Biblical Creationist".

In a very interesting article they explain why folks who are "Young Earth Creationists" might consider using the term "Biblical Creationist" instead.