Sunday, June 26, 2011

If the time on your clocks seems strange ...

This might be the reason.

The other day there was an article on the net that told of folks in New Zealand or some 'far away' place (I can't recall where it was) who were going to work 15 minutes early and they didn't understand why.

Seems that they usually were on time or a tad late but never early.

But now they and others in their office were coming in early.

They thought this was odd and didn't know why.

Well, perhaps this article that appeared today on the net explains their problem and  will alert us to a possible similar situation in America.

What is it?  you ask.

Well, it seems that some changes in the electrical grid might cause changes in some clocks and ….

Well, read this for yourself.  It is very interesting.  HERE'S THE LINK