Monday, June 13, 2011

Flying with the Blue Angels

No, we are not talking about the feeling you have when you are driving on a very busy fast Interstate, such as the circumferential around Atlanta, for example.

That certainly reminds one of flying with the Blue Angels.

Instead, we are referring to the U.S. Navy Precision flying team.

Likely you have had the opportunity to see in person the Blue Angels perform at an air show.

They have come to our area several times in the past few years.

And their aerial feats are always amazing.

If you have seen them in person or only heard about them, here is an opportunity for you to view their maneuvers from a different perspective.

What perspective? you ask.

Well, how about pretending you are a camera on one of the planes as it soars through the sky?

Yes. That is the perspective and it is amazing.

To see the 4 minute 51 second video, HERE' S THE LINK