Wednesday, February 9, 2011

VW comes to Chattanooga

Recently I attended a meeting where the main speaker was one of the officials at the new VW plant in Chattanooga.

His presentation was very interesting.

Seems that 'nooga was selected out of about 384 or so possible locations in the US to build their one and only VW plant in the US.

They are beginning production with the new Passat.

But, interestingly, in his Power Point presentation he did not show the two commercials that were such a hit during the recent Super Bowl.

You probably saw them.  But, if you didn't, here they are:

First, the 30 second "VW Beetle ad." HERE'S THE LINK
And second, the 1 minute 2 second, "the Force ad" about the New Passat which is being built in Chattanooga.  HERE'S THE LINK.