Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creation and the Constellations

This is the title of the ICR Days of Praise Devotional thought for Feb 23/ 2011.

It was written by Dr. Henry M. Morris.

The reason this is especially interesting is several fold.

First, we received a call from the teacher of the SS class in Atlanta that we frequently reference on this DIT site, informing us about this article.

Second, this can serve as a 'heads up' to members of that class who come to this DIT site from time to time. And you know who you are.  : )

Why a 'heads up' you ask?

Well, because that SS teacher has asked us to prepare a lesson on the Mazzaroth, which is what is referred to in the article by Dr. Morris.

That talk will probably 'happen' sometime in March or early April, so you SS class folks start 'clearing your calendars' (clear them to 'be there', that is.)

In the meantime, for you and everyone else, the Devotional thought for Feb 23 by Dr. Morris is very interesting and 'right on'.

It ends with this statement:

"Before the Scriptures were given, the testimony of God's primeval promises had somehow been written indelibly in the heavens, for those in earth's earliest ages who had eyes and hearts to see."

To read the entire brief Devotional, HERE'S THE LINK