Wednesday, October 13, 2010

World’s scariest runways

Yesterday we mentioned the amazing new Boeing 787, the Dreamliner, and how it is almost ready for ‘prime time’.

Well, since we are thinking about airplanes, today would be a good time to look at some of the runways that this and other planes might encounter.

Of course, there are ‘normal’ runways but there are also some that are very scary.

It is the scary ones we want to look at today.

For example, I have experienced the exciting ‘white knuckle’ landing at the scary Tegucigalpa, Honduras airport.  It is every bit as exciting as the video shows.

Ditto re the Airport (no longer used) in Hong Kong. That was also an ‘adventure’ to both fly into and later to be on the streets below as the big 747s screamed overhead just a few feet above the buildings. You could almost touch them. Wow.

If you love to fly, you will love these 17 videos.

If you are afraid to fly, you will still love them even though this might reinforce your reasons for not flying.

But, actually, whether you are afraid to fly or not, these 17 scary runway landings are amazing and well worth your viewing.  HERE’S THE LINK