Monday, October 11, 2010

Already Gone

Yesterday we referenced this article (here is the link again) about the new ‘trinity’ of the youth in England.

Only 20% of those born after 1982, the age group know as Generation Y, believe in a God “who created the world and hears my prayers”, according to that article.

And, sadly, this is not only happening in England.  It is happening in America, Canada, Australia, etc. etc. etc.

But WHY is this happening? 

Previously we recommended an excellent book which explains about this sad state of affairs and how and why it has come about.

Today, we want to remind you once again about this book, Already Gone, by Ken Ham. 

If you have not yet read it. it is imperative that you put this on your ‘get it now and read it now’ list of things to do.


Well, for info about the book, Already Gone, HERE’S A LINK

And for another explanation about what is happening to Generation Y that includes a brief but powerful  2 minute 45 second video, HERE’S THE LINK

To order a copy or several copies since you will want to share this with many folks including your Pastor, Youth Director, Sunday School Director, etc.  HERE’S THE LINK