Monday, May 18, 2009

The White Stone: A Sonshine Valley Tale

The White Stone: A Sonshine Valley Tale by YaVonne Stobart

Here's The ‘plot’ on the cover describing the book:

"Constance totally lives up to her name, Constance Seeker. If her parents had realized how much, I’m sure they would have thought twice and named her something more like, Joy. The Seeker family lives in the magical land of Sonshine Valley, where all the children must journey to the dark world of the Outside once they become of age. Our girl is about to take that trip. She has been anxiously looking forward to it for some time now, even though the warnings of danger have been many. But, like most of us, her heart longs for adventure and a little romance wouldn’t hurt, either. Will she find her quest is all she hoped it would be? Or will she come home sadly disappointed? Come journey with her and witness all the twists and turns her life takes. Maybe you will see yourself and find what you are looking for, too.”

Why am I telling you about this book? Well, I first heard of it when my brother loaned me his copy that he had gotten from her. I don’t usually read many novels but, at his suggestion, read it and found it to be most delightful and very reminiscent of a modern Pilgrim’s Progress. Yes, that is high praise. But it is a very good novel and hopefully is the first of many from the ‘pen’ (or ? computer) of YaVonne Stobart.

She does not have a webpage. (How can that be in this day and age) but HERE IS THE LINK to the website of the company that published the book.

However, you can likely get it faster (and an autographed copy if you ask her) by emailing her directly and telling her how you heard about her book (i.e. on this blog). Here is her email address and I am writing it in this cryptic way as a form of spammer prevention:
yes (dot) 2009 (at) att (dot) net