Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ice Age Civilizations

I just finished reading this very interesting book, 'Ice Age Civilizations'. It is written from a young earth perspective and helps fill in the blanks and puts many of the pieces of the Genesis puzzle in place. It answers many questions regarding the timing of when the ice age occurred and what happened before, during, and after it. There are no pictures but there are many web links given in the book which will take you to innumerable on line pictures of the submerged cities, etc. I recommend you read this book. So, now you have 2 books that you reallllllly need to read asap. The first one was the book 'Is Your God Too Small' which we referenced a few days ago. Now this! So get out your glasses and start reading !
To go to the author's site, click here. And to read his bio, click here.